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about exclamations catering!

To Cater?  What does that word mean? To many, it means the delivery or drop off of food to an event.  Everyone seems to be a caterer these days!  In the age of Food Network, Top Chef, and Hell's Kitchen, a lot more folks are interested in the "food industry."  "I can cook so I am sure I can cater" or "I have a restaurant, we can cater."  We hear this all the time.  What a lot of people don't seem to understand is that catering is an art all unto itself.  The love of the "art" of catering started at a very young age for me!  It was what I wanted to do when I "grew-up."  From my Grandmother's kitchen and my mother's apron strings to a degree in food service management/marketing and now 29 years in the catering industry, I love the catering business!  I have a passion that is very hard to explain.  Catering excites me!  How, you say?  It makes me "smile" when a client is happy!  It makes me "giddy" when we come up with a new idea for presentation!  It makes me "well-up" when we are nominated for a new catering award!  It just plain excites me!  Maybe that is why we named our catering company exclamations!  You see, in our eyes, you should be excited when you have a catered meal... when an event goes off without a hitch... when your ideas happen better than you ever thought they would!


our history

exclamations catering was created to help you put the word "special" back into your special event. After more than 20 years in the special event industry, we decided that it was time that the triad and beyond had a caterer that was there for its clients and their guests from start to finish.

our mission

Our mission is to be a caterer that is focused on the "total" event, not just the food. The honest fact is that we believe that great food should be a given and presentation is everything!

our promise

We will only take on as many events as we can do and do well.  Our promise to our clients is to never compromise your "special" event. Your event is our top priority. We promise that our presentation sets us apart from the rest.  


Together with our partners at Piedmont Triad Productions, we strive to make every event First Class!

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