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Exclamations prides itself on building lasting relationships with its clients. We begin that relationship with earning your trust. Weddings are very personal events. With that in mind, exclamations will begin the planning process by discussing your ideas and dreams. We will then begin to transform your dreams into reality with creativity and imagination.


So, as a bride, how do you pick a caterer? How do you swim through the “sea” of  potential caterers and decide who is right for you and your event?  Our suggestions:
Get recommendations from your friends.
Talk to your friends and co-workers.  They can tell you who they know and what they have done!  You can get all sorts of advice from them.  Just be prepared to hear what they have to say!
Look at the lists of caterers provided by event facilities.  See who they recommend and why.  Tell them the type of event you are looking to do, they can recommend based upon what they have seen.  Ask the facilities who they work with the most!
Shop!  Talk to several caterers.  Make appointments and go see them.  Make sure that you are prepared when you go to your appointments.  Take any ideas you might have with you!  Because I am very visual, I like to see pictures from magazines or the web of things that you might like.  This does not have to be just food!  It could be your wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, colors, flowers, etc.  It is amazing that even if you do not have any idea what you want, the pictures you bring will actually help us formulate a theme for your wedding!
Make sure the caterers you are speaking with have a license and a high health rating.  Don’t be afraid to ask to see the kitchen and storage areas.  A good caterer will be proud of their commissary.  
Get bridal references from the caterers you like.  Talk to those brides.  They will be very willing to tell you all about their special day!  You might get recommendations for other services this way as well.
Be honest and realistic with yourself and the caterers you are speaking to.  Have some ideas in mind and see what the caterer can recommend based upon those ideas.
Look at pictures and proposals from previous events of the caterers you like.  Look for the “art” in catering, not just food on a plate.  We firmly believe that presentation is everything.  Great food is great food but your guests will eat with their eyes first and then their taste buds!  If it looks good, it will most likely taste good as well.  
Look for different and unique ideas from the caterers you visit.  Things that can set your wedding apart.  They will be able to help you come up with ideas that will fit you and your groom’s personality and style.  Always remember, this is YOUR special day!  It is not the caterer’s day.    A good caterer should be able and willing to guide you AND inspire you.  
Go see an event or reception prior to the guests’ arrival.  You will then be able to visualize what the caterer has discussed with you.  You might be able to see some of the same items you are interested in serving.
Depending upon the time you have to spend on this, look for a caterer that is “full-service”.  Someone who can do “all of it” or “parts of it”!  Whatever your needs may be.
Trust your gut instincts!  
It should feel right!  You too should “smile, get giddy and well-up”!  You are getting married!  This is your special day.  You will know when you have made the right decision.

At exclamations catering, we are experts with the details. An exclamations wedding can include all aspects of the event:
Quality Food, experienced staff, unique themes and décor, specialty linens, floral, service ware, rentals, music, directing, facility suggestions, etc.  Unlike other caterers, we organize all of these services in house.  We even have an expert award winning floral arranger on staff.  Let us make your dreams a reality!

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